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The sofa is the most used furniture in our home. We generally prefer the sofa for relaxing, sitting or sleeping. Since it is mostly used furniture then it is obvious that dirt, dust, bacteria, and other harmful germs are accumulated in your sofa which causes allergies and other health problems in our body so it’s important to clean your sofa regularly. Therefore, to ensure a healthy environment inside the family, sofa cleaning service in Kathmandu provide professional sofa cleaning service.

Why is regular sofa cleaning important?

The couch in your home is a huge investment so you have to keep it clean and look new. You spend a lot of time on your favorite sofa, you read your favorite books on it, take a nap after a long day’s work on it so it’s quite necessary to clean your sofa regularly. Your sofa determines the entire outlook of your office or any room. It is important to clean your sofa regularly not just for aesthetic appeal but also for health and sanitary. Moreover, sofa cleaning will increase the life of your sofa and enhance the beauty of your room.

Here are some importance of sofa cleaning

  1. Air quality

Only a few people knew that a dirty sofa can affect the air quality of your house. If your sofa is full of dust, dirt, and other bacteria it can easily find a way to mix into breathing air and it can negatively affect the quality of the air in your home. Complete removal of allegiance and dust is always ideal for a clean home with clean air.

  1. Health 

The allegiance and dust that are hidden in your carpet for a long time can cause an actual health risk to your family without you even taking notice. Also if your family members are sensitive to dust or mold then regular sofa cleaning is very important to reduce the presence of these irritants and in turn, helps to keep your home and family clean and healthy.

  1. Appearance

The most important reason to keep your sofa clean is to maintain its appearance. Regularly cleaning the sofa keeps your sofa clean and beautiful and also helps it to last longer and prevent it from dust and other pollutants. No matter how clean your home and carpets are, if your sofa looks dirty and grimy, the rest of the impression will disappear. If you don’t clean your sofa regularly then you have to spend too much money to replace it. By hiring a professional sofa cleaning service like us you can save money and time.

  1. Odors

On the family couch, you have engaged too many times, eaten dozens of tv dinners, fought with illnesses, and watched hundreds of tv shows and cartoons. For most family’s sofa becomes the favorite spot for homework or running an at-home business and you can bet it is your pet’s favorite spot. Clearly, a lot happens on your sofa and sometimes it’s all too obvious because of the odor. Cooking odors from the kitchen have a way of staying on your sofa which also contributes to an unpleasant smell. So to remove the odors regular sofa cleaning is very important.

  1.   Extends the life of your sofa

Your sofa is an investment and oftentimes an expensive one, so you want it to last as long as possible. Proper care and regular cleaning help to create a longer life for your carpets. Professional sofa cleaners can extend the life of your sofa by determining the best method for better outcomes.

How to clean your sofa?

Regular sofa cleaning and maintenance are necessary for the long life of your sofa. You should clean your sofa at least once a week to prevent the long-term impact of spills or damage from regular use. 

Here are some tips that you can use for regular sofa cleaning.

  1. Dry brush: you can use a dry brush to loosen up any pieces of fabric, dirt or debris.
  1. Vacuum: you can use a vacuum on a low setting to remove the items you were able to shake free with your dry brush with the item that has been deeply embedded into your sofa 
  1. Switch cushions: you can flip the cushions around to lessen the appearance of being worn down.

How to shampoo your sofa?

Your sofa becomes coated with dust and dirt over time. Regular shampoo is necessary to maintain an attractive appearance and the long life of your sofa. 

Here is the process of how to shampoo your sofa.

  • Vacuum all parts of your sofa carefully including beneath the cushions before shampoo.
  •  Ready the all necessary equipment that was used while shampooing lime detergent, an appropriate amount of water, scrub workplace etc.
  • Apply the cleaning solution to the sofa, and use a scrub pad gently to scrub the fabric.
  • Allow the sofa to dry completely before putting the cushions back in place.

Why choose us for sofa cleaning?

We are a professional sofa cleaning service in Kathmandu valley Sofa cleaning can be simple, affordable, and done using the simplest of solutions. Many homeowners fail to have their sofa cleaned due to a number of reasons either because of their busy life or laziness. Sofa cleaning is a boring exercise for most individuals. Most of the house owners feel they would rather be doing important things instead of sofa cleaning so they find it convenient to hire a sofa cleaning service in Kathmandu like us. There are so many procedures we follow to make your sofa look new and clean.

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Below are some reasons, why you should hire professionals for your sofa cleaning 

  1. Quality of work

Many people prefer to clean their sofa on their own in order to save cost and time but they often use the wrong tools or processes because of a lack of knowledge which can damage your sofa. Hiring professionals cleaning will remove all dirt and dust from your sofa without any damage because we have the best tools and cleaning solutions that are needed.

  1.  Using modern cleaning methods

Some sofas are harder to clean than others, meanwhile, there are those which have areas that are extremely hard to reach. If you hire us for sofa cleaning you don’t need to worry because we have the latest tools and methods to create work efficiently and easily. We only focus on your requirements and work on them to make you satisfactory by using modern equipment and techniques.

  1. Speed and efficiency

If you are cleaning your sofa for the first time, you might be highly unfamiliar with the cleaning process as well as how to properly use the tools required. Our sofa cleaning experts will clean your sofa quickly in the best way.

  1. Easy stains removal

The sofa of your home incurs dirt and stains which are extremely hard to remove. In order to eliminate them, we use modern techniques, tools, and equipment to combat even the toughest stains. Our sofa cleaning experts make sure that there are no spots or stains left. We make sure to look at the sofa clean and remove all the stains.

  1. Longer-lasting sofa

Dust, dirt, and stains not only ruin sofa appearance but can also shorten their use period due to the damage which they cause to their materials. Our cleaning experts can remove all forms of grime your sofa incurs so that it becomes as durable as ever.

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